We used Papa's Pets about a year ago and haven't considerd useing anyone since. Our dog, Champ, gets excited when he sees Bill's truck, and when Bill is getting ready to leave Champ gets his tail and whole rear end wagging thinking he is leaving with Bill. To me this speaks volumes as to the kind of care and love our pet gets while we're away. It is such a comfort to know that when we are gone our pet and home are being taken care of, (maybe better) just as if I was there. Thanks again Bill

Kelly R. Antioch, CA

Papa's Pets to the rescue. A month ago I had a family emegency and had to fly out of town right away. My neighbors who usually watch Ginger for me were gone so I started calling pet sitters and either they didn't answer, were too busy, or wanted  a small fortune because I needed someone at the last minute. I was  fortunate to call Papa's Pets, when Bill answered I explained my situation and asked for his help. He asked for my address, said he would be right over and was gone. After I hung up I started thinking, what have I done?, I don't even know how much he'll charge me. When he arrived Ginger took to him right away, he explained what he would do for my home and my pet, asked some questions about Ginger. Told me that I had enough problems to worry about and that he would charge his normal rate and for me to call him when I was coming home. Since then I've used no one else but Bill. Thank you Papa's Pets.

Michelle M. Pittsburg, CA

 Hi Bill!

Just wanted to let you know I am very happy with the care you provided for my Smokey & Whiskey. It was so nice to come back to my home and find it the way I left it and to find my "babies" doing fine. Thanks to you I was able to enjoy my trip, confident that they were in good hands. Thank you for the daily updates. I am so sorry I forgot to let you know that I had taken Smokey's collar off in an attempt to make the cone more comfortable. But he actually went to the eye specialist today and I was told his eye is healing exactly how it should be and I can start weaning him off his meds and the cone can come off in a few days-yayy!
Thank you again, if I ever need care for them in the future I will definitely call you and would recommend you in  a heartbeat!
Take care,


Mieka Young, Antioch CA